Each month we post the top ten buys we've found for sale in the DFW Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Often these are foreclosures that need work, but sometimes they're just plane good deals depending on your needs. Sometimes they're great investment properties. Sometimes they're great family homes. Sometimes they have acerage. Sometimes they are just some of the the lowest priced homes in the city. There are often homes in almost every price range. We have had homes as low as $10,000 posted as well as homes in the $1,000,000s.  They often move very fast due to being a top find, so if you are interested in one of these properties, please call us immediately.  The phones are often busy, so if we don't answer, leave us a voicemail and we'll call you back.

Check back each month for our latest finds. If what you need isn't listed here, send me an email at [email protected] or call me at 214-675-6992 and we will set up a search specifically to meet your needs. That way you can beat other buyers to the best properties. You might notice at times there are more than TEN best buys. That's just one way we add value for our clients. We always try to meet, but beat your expectations.