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Bruce Lynn's Favorite Books

Bruce Lynn's Favorite Books

Blink -by Malcom Gladwell
Built to Last -by Jim Collins
Customers for Life -by Carl Sewell
Good to Great -by Jim Collins
How to Win Friends and Influence People -by Dale Carnegie
Moments of Truth -by Jan Carlson
Outsource This -by Daven Michaels
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind -by T. Harv Eker
The Four Hour Body -by Tim Ferriss
The Four Hour Workweek -by Tim Ferriss
The Gospel of FATHER JOE -Greg Barrett
The Richest Man In Babylon -by George S. Clason
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership -by John C. Maxwell
The World is Flat -by Thomas Friedman
Think and Grow Rich -by Napoleon Hill
Total Money Makeover -by Dave Ramsey
Traffic Secrets -by Russell Brunson
Tuesdays With Morrie -by Mitch Alborn
Over Promise AND Over Deliver -by Rick Barerra
Work Hard, Study...and Stay out of Politics -by James A. Baker III

Books Recommended By Friends of Bruce Lynn

Kris Vickrey recommends -Maxwell Daily Reader -by John C. Maxwell
Barbara Curtis recommends - Path to Power -by Mack Newton
Billie Lynn recommends - Kite Runner -by Khaled Hosseini
Frances Lynn recommends - Flight Plan for Living -by Patrick O'Dooley
Frances Lynn recommends - When My Name was Keoko -by Linda Sue Park
Robert Lynn recommends - Richard Feymann A Life in Science - by John Gribbin
Warren Lynn recommends - Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos- by Ervin László
Frances Lynn recommends - The Last Lecture -by Randy Pausch
David Tebong recommends - Never Eat Alone -by Keith Ferrazzi

FREE E-Books

How to Win Friends and Influence People -by Dale Carnegie
[email protected] -by Ben Kenny and Jay Papasan
Think and Grow Rich
-by Napolean Hill


Aerobics -by Dr. Ken Cooper
Anatomy of an Illness -by Norman Cousins
Fit or Fat -by Covert Baily
Fit For Life -by Harvey Diamond
Gesundheit -by Patch Adams, MD
Love, Medicine and Miracles -by Bernie Siegal, MD
The Four Hour Body -by Tim Ferriss      


Credit911 -Rodney Anderson and Robert Kiyosaki
How to Make Money in Stocks -by William J. O'Neil
Outsource This -by Daven Michaels
Retire Young Retire Rich
-by Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad -by Robert Kiyosaki
Rule #1 -by Phil Town
Smart Couples Finish Rich -by David Bach
Smart Women Finish Rich -by David Bach
Start Late Finish Rich -by David Bach
The Essays of Warren Buffet -by Warren Buffet
The Millionaire Next Door -by Thomas J. Stanley
The Millionaire Mind -by Thomas J. Stanley
The Warren Buffet Way -by Robert G. Hagstrom
Total Money Makeover -by Dave Ramsey


Awaken the Giant Within -by Anthony Robbins
Be My Guest -by Conrad Hilton
Becoming the Obvious Choice -by Bryan Dodge & David Cottrell
Brand Washing -by Martin Lindström
Brandsense -by Martin Lindström
Buyology -by Martin Lindström
Entreleadership -by Dave Ramsey
First Break All the Rules -by Marcus Buckingham
Giant Steps -by Anthony Robbins
In Search of Excellence -by Tom Peters
Live Your Dreams -by Les Brown
Outliers -by Malcom Gladwell
Outsource This -by Daven Michaels
Swim with the Sharks -by Harvey McKay
Seeds of Greatness -by Denis Waitley
Technotrends -by Danial Burris
The Crisis of Global Capitalism -by George Soros
The Greatest Miracle in the World -by Og Mandino
The One Thing -by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
The World is Flat -by Thomas L. Friedman
The Tipping Point -by Malcom Gladwell
Thinking, Fast and Slow -by Daniel Kahneman
Unlimited Power -by Anthony Robbins

Real Estate

A Legacy of Real Estate Innovation -by Trammell Crow
FLIP -by Rick Villani
HOLD -by Jay Papasan
How to Master the Art of Listing Real Estate -by Tom Hopkins
Rich Dad Poor Dad ABCs Real Estate Investing -by Dolf De Roos
Oh By the Way -by Brian Buffini
The Automatic Millionaire -by David Bach
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent -by Gary Keller
The Millionaire Real Estate Investor -by Gary Keller
The One Thing -by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
Shift -by Gary Keller
[email protected] by Ben Kenny and Jay Papasan
Trump Art of the Deal -by Donald Trump
Trump Real Estate 101 -by Donald Trump
Trump Think Like a Billionaire -by Donald Trump
Trump Strategies for Real Estate -by Donald Trump
Think Big and Kick Ass -by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker


24 Techniques for Closing the Sale -by Brian Tracy
Goals -by Zig Ziglar
How to be a Winner -by Zig Ziglar
How to Master the Art of Selling -by Tom Hopkins
Megatrends -by John Naisbitt
Secrets of Closing the Sale -by Zig Ziglar
See You at the Top -by Zig Ziglar
Sell Your Way to the Top -by Zig Ziglar
Success and the Self-Image -by Zig Ziglar
The Good Life Rules -by Bryan Dodge
The Greatest Salesman in the World -by Og Mandino
The Psychology of Selling -by Brian Tracy

Fiction, Fun, and Escape

Three Cups of Tea -by Greg Mortenson
Da Vinci Code -by Dan Brown
Angels & Demons -by Dan Brown
Digital Fortress -by Dan Brown
Deception Point -by Dan Brown
Four Reigns -by Kukrit Pramoj
Many Lives -by Kukrit Pramoj
The Five People You Meet in Heaven -by Mitch Albom
Walking the Amazon -by Ed Stafford
Any Book -by Philip Jeyaretnam
Any Book -by Gopal Baratham
Any Book -by Michael Crighton
Any Book -by Tom Clancy
Any Book -by Paul Theroux
Any Book -by John Grishom