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If you are in an area of choice, there are probably 100s of electricity providers you can choose from.  Over and over I have found Stream Energy by Ignite to be least expensive electric providers in the DFW area.   Just click on the logo to be connected to our site and sign up for service online.   We service most areas of the Metroplex, but not all.   We have found that signing up for a specific time frame gives our family the best prices.  Usually this has been a one year contract.  Click on the link below and then on Enroll for Service.  If you are GREEN, check out the Clean and Green plans.  If you are moving within the Metroplex and still using companies like TXU or Reliant, you are likely paying way too much for the same service.  I've seen people paying 2-3x Streams great rates.

Stream Energy by Ignite
Other common companies are:
CoServ 940-321-7800
Oncor  1-888-313-6862
TXU 1-888-608-0033
Reliant 1-866-222-7100

Water, Sewer, Trash, Recycling

You will need to check with the city where you live.
Addison, Arlington, Aubrey, Bartonville, Bedford, Carrollton, Coppell, Copper Canyon, Corinth, Dallas, Denton, Euless, Flower Mound, Frisco, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Hickory Creek, Highland Park, Hurst, Irving, Keller, Lake Dallas,  Lantana, Lewisville, Little Elm, Mansfield, Murphy,  North Richland Hills, Plano, Richardson, Richland Hills, Roanoke, Sachse, Southlake, Trophy Club, University Park, Watauga.
Normally when you sign up for Water service, they will automatically set you up for sewer and trash service as well.  Be sure to ask them about the city recycling programs.  Some want you to sign up online and some want you to show up in person.  Be sure to take your contract or lease with you if you have to go in person.


Verizon FIOS is now Frontier Communications 1-877-694-9787 and available in many areas. If Verizon/Frontier does not service your area, check out your local cable company like  Comcast and Time Warner now Spectrum and AT&T at 1-888-774-7153 for UVerse in some areas.   Google is rumored to be installing Fiber and may be available soon.


Unfortunately you don't get to pick your Natural Gas service provider.   There's only one for each city or area at this time.  If you are in Dallas or Tarrant County, call Atmos first.   If they are not the right provider they can probably recommend the right one.  If you move to Denton County call CoServ first.

Atmos             1-888-286-6700
TXU                 1-800-818-6132
CoServ           1-800-274-4014

Mobile - Cell Phone Service

If you haven't switched companies or checked prices in a while, check out Stream Wireless for some great phones and prices. You might also try Republic Wireless that have plans starting at $5/month and $25/month for unlimited service.  If you are off contract and need a nice GSM phone check out the MotoG.  Then choose your carrier and pop in their SIM card.  You might also try Google devices on the Play Store.  You might also see if FreedomPop will work for you.
Consumer Cellular has a great reputation and some great plans so check them out too.
I recently switched to
Google Project Fi and that saved me a lot of money.
If you have an 800 number or need one and need to reduce the monthly expense? Check out Kall8.


Typically it is best to bundle with your internet service.  Check out:
Stream Digitial Voice
AT&T 1-866-912-8216
Century Tel 940-321-1000
Clear  1-877-946-2910
SBC 1-800-645-7567
Suddenlink 1-800-999-6845
Verizon FIOS is now Frontier Communications 1-877-694-9787

Phone Alternatives

Google Fi mobile and smart phones from Google
Stream Digitial Voice to use with your internet connection
Magic Jack   to use with your internet connection
Ooma to use with your internet connection

DISH Network

Dish Network Top Banner

I've always thought DISH Network offers a great product.  Call 866-943-8607 to sign up for service TODAY.


You should probably visit your local post office and fill out their change of address card in the office, but you can also check out   USPS  online.  If you have a community mailbox the post office will provide you a key.   Even if you get a key from the previous owner, it will likely change the day they put in the notice to change their mail.  Every post office is different.  Some will replace for you at no charge, others want you to buy the lock and have them replace it.  You can order a replacement lock from Amazon.


ADT Free $850 Security System

My favorite local security company is SmithThompson 972-393-2000.  Approximately $16.95/month, no contract, and they also have wireless solutions if you don't have a phone line installed.  I set off lots of alarms in my business and notice they're one of the few who call and call quickly.  There are other great national companies around like ADT.   Call 1-866-940-2526 to get connected to ADT.  Brinks and Broadview are now ADT.  If you are a do it yourselfer and can handle some basic installation, check out SimpliSafe at $14.99/month.

ADT                        866-940-2526
Brinks & Broadview Now ADT                        
SmithThompson      972-393-2000


AT&T 1-866-912-8216
Charter Communications
Suddenlink 1-800-999-6845
Time Warner  972-742-5892)
Verizon Fios is now Frontier Communications 1-877-694-9787
If you want to drop cable, you can try a service like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Sling.

Pest Control

Alterra 972-245-7378.  They service my personal home and if you schedule a one year service plan with them and let me know about it we can both get $30 off the price.  Schedule with them first and then let me know so I can arrange the discount.

Fitness Clubs

Call me at 214-675-6992 and I'll see what I can do for you on fitness clubs.  We have great contacts at Larry North and Texas Family Fitness.   Occasionally Texas Family has run special as low as $7 or $8/month.


If you haven't signed up for UBER, you'll love the service.   Use the referral code TeamLynn to get a discount ride..

Virtual MD Service

If you don't have insurance, and even if you do, you should check out this Virtual MD service.  Pretty neat tool when you are sick and don't feel like going to the waiting room for hours or paying for Emergency Room visit for a simple cold.

Free Moving Boxes

Check craigslist.  Recycle-Upcycle.  You have to pick up, but often many listings for free moving boxes.

Dallas Fort Worth Discounts

Dollar Shave Club  Get good razors cheap.
Piping Rock Vitamins  Best prices I've found anywhere on Vitamins
Virtual MD   When you want to see the doctor and don't want to get out of the house.
FillaSeat Pay one price and get free seats to Dallas area events in an effort to FILL the House.


If you need more information or know of other services you need, just let me know.  If you need trades people like electricians, plumbers, AC repair, etc, check out my website at then on the left column click on "About the Area" and "Service Providers".   If you know a good tradesperson just let me know.



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